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Welcome to iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. Web Site (hereinafter referred to as the « Web Site »). Please carefully read these terms of use (the « Terms of use ») prior to browsing on our Web Site. 

By browsing on our Web Site, you acknowledge and accept all of the Terms of use set out herein as well as those set out in the personal information and privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the « Privacy policy »). In addition, you agree to respect the Terms of use and the Privacy policy and not to use the Web Site in an illegal manner or so as to harm, in any way whatsoever, iFIT Health & Fitness Inc., its subsidiaries, related corporations or its partners, if applicable. ICON du/of Canada inc. reserves the right to modify the Terms of use at any time and without prior notice. Upon each new visit to the Web Site, you shall be deemed to have read the modifications made to the Terms of use and the Privacy policy and to have accepted them through your use of the Web Site. We also recommend that you consult the Terms of use every time that you use this Web Site. 

If you do not agree with these Terms of use and the Privacy policy, we ask that you do not browse this Web Site nor consult its content. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. may not be held liable for any damage, hardship or inconvenience suffered as a result of browsing on the Web Site.  

You are, at all times, responsible for your client account, usernames, passwords and any other transactions carried out on the Web Site. Any information that you transmit must be truthful and belong to you. It is strictly prohibited to appropriate the name or identifier of another. Do not disclose your passwords or identification codes. 

You may not transfer any information to the Web Site which includes messages of a commercial nature. 
iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. reserves its right to disconnect the Web Site or to suspend its distribution ad any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. We offer no warranty regarding the maintenance of the Web site and the online purchases. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. is not liable for the damages or inconveniences that the closing or suspension of the Web Site may cause.

All of the content on the Web Site is the exclusive property of iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. or is used under a license. Such content is protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, and more generally by intellectual property rights, as the case may be. It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, transmit or use in any other manner all or part of the Web Site without the prior written consent of iFIT Health & Fitness Inc.

From time to time, iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. may put links on the Web Site which will bring you to other web sites. You click on such links at your own risk and peril. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. is not liable for the content and information that may be on those other sites. In addition, you may not, in any case, deduce or presume from the presence of such links towards other web sites, brands, products or services, that they are related in any way whatsoever to ICON du/of Canada inc., that we approve them, are affiliated with them, associated with them, or are legally authorised to use them.  
However, we invite you to provide us with any comments that you may have regarding the links that appear on our Web Site by contacting our customer service by email at service.ca@ifit.com, or by telephone at  888-936-4266.


iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. takes commercially reasonable measures to keep the information found on the Web Site up to date and accurate. However, errors and omissions may occur. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. gives no warranty and makes no declaration regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information appearing on the Web Site, which are supplied as is, with no warranty, be it express or tacit. 

Within the limits permitted by the laws in force, iFIT Health & Fitness Inc.  releases itself from all warranties, express or tacit, including but not limited to, tacit warranties of quality and of the product’s capability of serving its purpose, of non-infringement, of the absence of computer viruses, and warranties arising out of established commercial practices or the terms of implementation or operation of similar sites. 

iFIT Health & Fitness Inc.  may not be held liable for the direct, indirect, special or punitive damages, or pecuniary losses, even after having been informed of the possibility that they may be demanded, in the context of a contractual, extra-contractual, or civil liability suit, or in any other manner whatsoever, regarding the use, the inability to use, or the performance of the services or the products offered and the information or messages appearing on the Web Site. 

The use of the Web Site and the interpretation of the Terms of use are subject to the laws applicable in the province of Québec. Any dispute concerning their application or their interpretation shall be submitted to the competent courts of the province of Québec, in the district of Montreal, to the exclusion of any other court. If one of the provisions of these Terms of use is judged to be invalid, that will not cause any of the other provisions to be invalid.



To order online, select the desired product and fill out the required information in the suggested form. The billing address and the name must correspond to those appearing on the account of the credit card being used for the purchase. 
By submitting your online order, you agree to purchase and take delivery of the products identified in your order. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. remains the owner of the products sold up until they are fully paid. 

It may occur that certain products are not available in stock. Equivalent products may be proposed to you in such a case. The products are offered for purchase until the stock has run out. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc.  reserves its right to limit the quantity per client. It is possible that the products differ from those photographed and published on the Web Site. When accessories are photographed with the products, they are not included in the prices and are sold separately, unless the contrary is indicated. 
In order to know more about the products on sale and to obtain a more complete description of them, please communicate with our customer service by email at service.ca@ifit.com or by telephone at 888-936-4266.  


All of the prices indicated exclude the taxes, delivery charges and any other applicable charges which are, however, described at the time of confirmation of your order. The prices are in Canadian dollars. The prices may change without notice in accordance with the markets. The instore sales and discounts are not necessarily offered online. In the event of an error regarding the price, the clients will be advised as soon as possible and any order completed on the basis of an inaccurate price may be cancelled or ratified at the corrected price. 


All of the purchases through the Web Site are paid using the secure system of PayPal, an Apple Pay account or Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. You must be the authorized holder of a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card or a PayPal or Apple Pay account in order to use the service. Please read the terms and rules of use of the PayPal services and of your credit agreements for more information. 


Any order may be cancelled without charge by communicating with the customer service of
ICON du/of Canada inc. within the 24 hours following the submission of your order. Thereafter, an order may be cancelled subject to the payment of charges representing 15% of the total purchase price, before taxes, delivery and the other applicable charges. 


All of the products are delivered anywhere in Canada within the exception of the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, within 10 business days following the reception of the order. A more precise delivery period will be sent to you by email. 
For further information, communicate with our customer service by email at service.ca@ifit.com or by telephone at 888-936-4266.


If you are unsatisfied with the product received, communicate immediately with our customer service by email at service.ca@ifit.com or by telephone at 888-936-4266.  All sales are final. The products purchased are not exchangeable. They may, however, in certain circumstances and with the prior authorization of iFIT Health & Fitness Inc., be returned for reimbursement. iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. reserves its right to refuse any return or reimbursement.
You must assume the costs related to returning the purchased products. 

No product may be returned and no reimbursement will be granted for a product that is used or whose packaging has been altered. If applicable, the product must be returned in its original packaging, including all of the parts and user manuals.


iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. gives no warranty on the products sold and any other express or implied warranty is excluded, including the merchant’s warranty of quality and of sufficiency for a particular purpose other than those provided for in the manual which accompanies the product.

You do benefit, however, from the manufacturer’s warranty, which may vary from one product to another.


iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. agrees to supply products which respect industry standards. Any claim related to a product which is defective, damaged, or otherwise noncompliant with such standards must be submitted, in writing to iFIT Health & Fitness Inc.,  at the latest five (5) business days following knowledge of the facts giving rise to such a claim. Failing submission of such a notice within the prescribed period, you will be deemed to have accepted, irrevocably, the products sold. 

iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. may not, in any case, be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused by a delay in the delivery of a product. The damages suffered by a product during delivery are attributable to the person carrying out the delivery and may not be attributed to iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. All of the delivery services used have the obligation to maintain insurance coverage for the damage caused during delivery.